List of Publications



  1. Hideaki Kasai, Katsuyuki Fukutani
    Academic Advisor for The Center of Advanced Sciences, Institut Teknologi Bandung
    JICA Project on "Development of Bandung Institute of Technology" III, 2011-2012
  2. Hideaki Kasai
    Academic Advisor for the Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences, Institut Teknologi Bandung
    Indonesia Managing Higher Education for Relevance and Efficiency (IMHERE) Program, 2010-2011
  3. Hideaki Kasai
    Clarification of Surface Reactions as the Beginning of Complex Phenomena
    Research and Development for Applying Advanced Computational Science and Technology(ACT-JST)
    Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST) 1998 (April. 1999 - March 2000)
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Preprint papers

  1. Koji Shimizu, Wilson Agerico Diño, Hideaki Kasai
    Molecular Orientation and Surface Site Dependence of the Dissociative Adsorption of O2/Al(111)
    arXiv:1209.1692 (2012)   (4 pages)
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  1. Hideaki Kasai
    月刊「化学」第68巻, 第5号, pp. 76-77, 2013年 5月
  2. Ryan Lacdao Arevalo, Elvis Flaviano Arguelles, Hideaki Kasai
    Yoshimori-Kasai Model at 30 Years, Celebrated in a Workshop
    Journal of the Surface Science Society of Japan, Vol. 34(5), pp. 273-274 (2013)   (2 pages)
  3. Osaka University satellite office in The Phillipnes
    阪大NOW -地域に生き世界に伸びる No. 126, 2011年 8月
  4. Hideaki Kasai
    [ Bilateral Japanese-German Symposium on Physics of Dynamical Processes at Surfaces ]
    Journal of the Surface Science Society of Japan, Vol. 19(3), pp. 210-212 (1998)   (3 pages)
  5. Hideaki Kasai
    大阪大学創立50周年記念国際シンポジウム : 固体表面動的量子過程
    固体物理 Vol.31, pp. 230-236 (1996)
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