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Year 2014

Another Double Degree Program through CAREN project is held. Now is between Graduate School of Engineering OU and College of Graduate Studies and Teacher Education Research PNU.

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Congratulation to Elvis... Yes, our Elvis wins his first prize in science: the best poster award in the Vacuum Society of Japan Annual Meeting 2014 at Osaka-shi.

Elvis and his certificate. He smiles a lot at that day.

The certificate explains what is won by Elvis and why he wins.

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The new homepage of Kasai Lab. is launched today!
The new (left) and the old (right) design. The old one can be access through this link.

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Assoc. Prof. Mamoru Sakue, accompanied by Assis. Prof. Febdian Rusydi tours to Indonesia and The Philippine for promoting QEDC program in CAREN project.

Sakue-sensei is negotiating with Dr. Noni Santos (middle) and Dr. Voltaier Mistades (right) regarding the credit transfer between OU and DLSU.

Sakue-sensei delivers his lecture on QEDC program in front of students of the Engineering Faculty, Surya University, Tanggerang, Indonesia.

Sakue-sensei is talking with the first two ITB-OU double-degree graduate students. They will conduct a 2-year doctoral research in QEDC program before graduate in ITB.

Sakue-sensei delivers his lecture on QEDC program in the faculty and students of UGM with the Vice Rector (middle) as the moderator.

Dr. Rusydi (left), Luca Biotti-sensei (behind, from Physics OU) and Sakue-sensei with Prof. Terry Mart, a renown Indonesian physicist from UI after the meeting with faculty and students of Mathematics and Sciences Faculty.

The Vice-rector of IPB (white shirt) welcomes the CAREN delegation.

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Kasai Lab. graduates another four doctors!

Dr. Febdian Rusydi, from Indonesia.

Dr. Allan Abraham Padama, from The Philippines.

Dr. Adhitya Saputro Gandaryus, from Indonesia.

Dr. Tran Linh Phan Thuy, from Vietnam.

The ceremony also for other QEDC students, doctoral, master and short-term students. Carlo (one of the five short term students, pink shirt) and Dr. nguyen Duy Huy (right of Kasai-sensei, from Morikawa Lab.) are in the picture.

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Three delegations from Mahidol University, Thailand, visit Graduate School of Engineering, OU, and Kasai Lab. as well.

Assist. Prof. Somsak Dangtip (left), Prof. Skorn Mongkolsuk (center), Assit. Prof. Tanakorn Osotchan (right), Prof. Hideaki Kasai (left, backs) and Prof. Kakeshita Tomoyuki (Dean of the School of Engineering, OU) are reading the agreement proposal for Osaka University—Mahidol University collaboration in education and research.

Prof. Skorn Mongkolsuk receives a gift from The School of Engineering, Osaka University. Prof. Skorn Mongkolsuk is the dean of Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, Thailand.

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Prof. Hideaki Kasai and Assoc. Prof. Mamoru Sakue visit DLSU for promoting CAREN project.
L tor R: Ryan Arevalo, Dr. Dexel Camacho (COS-RASD), Dr. Rosemary Seva (GCOE-Dean), Dr. Arlene Pascasio (COS-Dean), Kasai-sensei, Sakaue-sensei, Dr. Melani David (COS-EAD), Engr. Efren Dela Crus (GCOE-EAD) and Dr. Jonathan Dugca (GCOE-vice dean). Kasai-sensei meets Dr. Raymond Tand (VCRI, second from the left).

Kasai-sensei with Dr. Ricardo Laguda FSC (white shirt, DLSU President) and Dr. Alvin Culaba (Exec. Director of ERI).
Kasai-sensei meets Dr. Myrna Austria (VCA, second from the left) and Dr Gil Nonato Santos (chair of physics department, second from the right).

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Prof. Hideaki Kasai receives Ganesa Widya Jasa Adiutama Award from ITB, Indonesia.

Kasai-sensei is holding the award placard. Insert (please click the figure and zoom-in): It is written on the placard that
"The Ganesa Widya Jasa Adiutama is awarded to Prof. Dr. Hideaki Kasai for his exceptional contribution on science and technology development for ITB."

The medals and the placard in close up. GANESA WIDYA JASA ADIUTAMA 2014 is written both in the medals as well.

Kasai-sensei is holding the medals of the award.

A screenshot from one of Indonesian on-line newspaper (Koran Suara Pembaruan) that is reported the award ceremony

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Defense of four doctoral and two master students from Kasai Lab.
Professors and students before the defense begin (left) and the atmosphere in the defense room (right).
Alan Furkan (left) and Arguelles Elvis Flaviano (right) present their master research. Alan is from Turkey and Elvis is from The Philippine. They both continue their doctoral research in Kasai Lab.
Lunch break after master defense where Morikawa-sensei gives his inspirational speech.
Allan Abraham Bustria Padama (left, The Phillipine) and Tran Linh Phan Thuy (Vietnam) are presenting their doctoral research.
Febdian Rusydi (left) and Saputro Adhitya Gandaryus (right) are explaining their research. Both are from Indonesia.
The professor meeting begins (left) to decide the fate of the four doctoral candidates (right), Allan, Ganda, Febdian and Linh. Congratulations in advance...

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Workshop on International Research and Education on Computational Materials Design in Asia

Prof. Kasai (front, right), and distinguished guests Prof. Notker Rösch (Technische Universität München, Germany, and Institute of High Performance Computing, A*, Singapore, center) and Dr. Michail Stamatakis (University College London, UK, left)

Prof. Kasai opened the workshop and introduced CAREN program.

Prof. Rösch introduced educational system in Singapore.