Kasai-Diño Laboratory is a theoretical condensed matter group of the Department of Applied Physics, Osaka University.

Young researchers from Japan and other countries are trained to understand phenomena occurring in materials in nano and atomic scale levels. It aims to elucidate physical properties that include ultra-fast quantum processes, elementary processes in excitations and reactions at surfaces and interfaces, electron excitations in atomic-scale processes, dynamics of complex systems, quantum first-principles based design of nano-material devices and catalysts, reactions in bulk systems and nanospintronics.

The results are applied in wider applications, such as fuel cells, spintronics, bio-sensors, solar cells, and recently in medical sciences such as photodynamic therapy and pigment cell.

The group strongly believes that a complete understanding of these physical occurrences in materials is significant in order to unravel the challenging mysteries of this physical universe.

Group photo 2015

In the picture, from left to right, are
front row: Shimizu, Duy, Jeyun, Paulus, Ben, Joaquin, Fadjar, Linh, Assistant professor Nakanishi, Abe, Fuji, Matsushita.
2nd row: Kawasaki, Kishida, Mark, Leong, Camacho, Bhume, Robby, Kurokawa, Murayama, Ganes.
3rd row: Wiriya, Nam, Huong, Dr. Susan, Ito, Listra, Sakai, Suwa.


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Kasai-Diño Laboratory
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