Annual Meeting (2009)

Icho Kaikan, Osaka University

January 13, 2009

The second annual meeting of QED. The 2nd-year master students showed the progress of their researches and the 1st-year master students presented the topics that they are interested in. Professors are (fourth from left) Dr. Hiroshi Nakanishi, Prof. Hideaki Kasai.

Master Thesis Defense (2009)

Icho Kaikan, Osaka University

June 23, 2009

QEDC thesis defense of 2nd-year master students and research progress presentation of 1st-year master students. Professors composing the panel are (fourth from left) Prof. Toshio Kasai, Prof. Hideaki Kasai, Prof. Yoji Shibutani and Prof. Hiroshi Zako.