Q: Is it possible to send e-mails to an expected supervisor before the application term?

A: YES. We strongly recommend you to make sure your research field matching with an expected supervisor before you apply. Please make contact and show your enthusiasm before the application term.


Q: What should I write on the “statement of purpose”? Does this have a formal structure?

A: You may fill why you apply for QEDC, your background and what you want to research in QEDC and so on. It is a free format. Please just write it in clear and easy-to-read manner.


Q: Do all documents for QEDC Master or Doctor course have to be sent before the application term close?

A: All the application documents for Master or Doctor course need to be received before the application term close at Admission Section, Student Affairs Division, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University.


Q: Do you accept the digital photograph?

A: YES. You can put the digital photograph on the application and submit to us.

Frequently Asked Questions