Professors - 1st core

Creation of The Mathematical Methods Frontier


  • Quantum Simulations Method and First-principles Calculation Methods.

  • Simulation Methods for Super-multidegrees-of-freedom.

  • Analytical Methods for Describing Physical Properties, Dynamic Phenomena and Other Behaviors of Nanostructures.

  • Construction of Micro-Macro Coupled Multiscale Analysis Methods.


Professors - 2nd core

Elucidation of Material Function Formation Mechanism


  • Development of Quantum Simulation Techniques for Materials Science.

  • Elucidation of Quantum Reactions and Material Functions by Quantum Simulation.

  • Elucidation of Formation Mechanisms of New Function by Nanostructures.

  • Mechanism Clarification and Design of Chemical Reaction by The Identification of Quantum States of Atomic and Molecular Scale.

  • New Materials such as Carbon-based Magnetic Materials, Spin Electronics Materials, and Strongly-correlated Materials.

  • Mechanism Clarification and Design of Frontier Materials and Architectural Materials such as Environmentally Harmonious Materials with New Functions.


Professors - 3rd core

Realization of New Generation Functional Materials


  • Guarantee of Security and Safety (Fast and Secure Network).

  • Environmental Problem (Renewable Device).

  • Energy-saving Problem.

  • Function Clarification and Design New Materials for new Generation Electronics.

  • Damage Assessment for Complex Materials Based on Experiments and Simulation.

  • Environmentally Harmonious Materials, Efficient Energy-conversion Material, Biologically Harmonious Materials, Safe and Secure Materials.

  • Design and Creation Research of New Functional Materials and The Application of Advanced Plasma Science for Space Engineering Which Were Based on The Atomic Structure Control from The Combination of Nuclear Fusion, Reactive Plasma, and Charged Particle Beam.