1. I. Introduction

The Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University offers an International Priority Graduate Program in Quantum Engineering Design (QED). The purpose of QED program is to equip new generation of young scientists with advanced knowledge and cutting-edge research skills in the fast-developing field of science and engineering. This program provides students with up-to-date and world-class research techniques to realize quantum engineering and design in response to global, technological and environmental issues.

The International Priority Graduate Program of "Quantum Engineering Design Course" will be established on the first of October. Most lectures and seminars of this course will be provided in English. The program consists of Osaka University "Universal Quantum Engineering Design Strategic Research Initiative", which main theme is quantum engineering design. This program is managed by a special program governing board whose chairperson is the Dean of Graduate School of Engineering. QEDRI has close links with other domestic and international universities, research institutes, and industries.

This research organization consists of 4 academic divisions and 11 departments, and has three core divisions:

  1. (1) Creation of the mathematical method's frontier

  2. (2) Elucidation of material function formation mechanisms

  3. (3) Realization of new generation functional materials

Each student will be assigned to one of the core divisions above according to his/her research theme. Taking advantage of the network of this organization, the students can carry out investigations and will be able to develop human network by collaborating with students from various countries and academic fields. The program encompasses both Master and Doctor Courses. Students are expected to enroll in both courses sequentially to obtain both the master’s and doctor’s degrees.

  1. II. Features

  2. (1) The students will receive world-class instructions regarding the method in developing nano-materials design, the method only Osaka University has. Making an extensive use of the QEDRI network, there will be several research opportunities which respond to the fast-growing demands for high-performance, low-cost, environment-friendly and energy-conserving materials and devices.

  3. (2) The students of this program will attend the COMPUTATIONAL MATERIALS DESIGN (CMD®) workshops. The target participants of this workshops are researchers in the academe, industries, government agencies, and graduate students. It offers lectures as well as hands-on sessions. It also includes various items from the basic theory to the cutting-edge case studies provided by the working researcher. It helps the participants to enhance practical quantum engineering research capacities.

  4. The purpose of these series of workshops is to provide the participants with a first-hand experience of how CMD® is carried out. It provides them with the basic knowledge and techniques to better prepare them for the new paradigm in materials science research.

  5. This program will also give sufficient consideration to arrange special curriculum and credit earning for the foreign students. The requisite subjects are provided in English. Meanwhile, some optional subjects are provided in Japanese for the purpose of deepening the relationship between the foreign students and Japanese students.

  6. The students can acquire credits by attending the specified international conferences and seminars.

  7. (3) There are several opportunities to publish in the prestigious academic journals and participate in international conferences.

  1. III. Support System

  2. (1) Each international student will be working under a professor who will stand as an adviser of the student. During the first year of this course, a peer tutor is assigned to each international student in order to provide one-to-one assistance and guidance in terms of the study and research, as well as instructions in the Japanese language and advice on daily life. The administration office and the department office will provide academic advice and support, including career counseling.

  3. (2) In order to help the students at the Graduate School of Engineering to improve their Japanese ability specified to their academic field, the Advisory Division for International Students offers Japanese classes including Presentation Class. In addition to these, Osaka University provides Japanese Language Programs such as the Japanese Training Course and the Japanese Supplementary Course for international students.

  4. (3) There are some instructors who completed the CMD® workshops and achieved brilliant results. Inviting excellent former students of the workshops as instructors is  also under consideration. In addition, former students employed in Osaka University may also give advice to the foreign students both in research and daily life in Japan.

  1. IV. Details of the Program

  2. (1) Special Programs for Master and Doctor courses

  3. (a) International Priority Graduate Program of Quantum Engineering Design Course for Master and Doctor Degrees (5 years, sponsored by Japanese Government - MEXT Scholarship)

  4. (b) International Priority Graduate Program of Quantum Engineering Design Course for Master and Doctor Degrees (NOT sponsored by Japanese Government - Private)

  5. 5-year course (Master and Doctor degrees)

  6. 3-year course (Doctor degree only)

  7. (2) Quantum Engineering Design Short Term Course

  1. V. Selection

The application is open for students from countries outside Japan. The interested students can get the information of the programs and the application forms from QEDC homepage. The applicants will be screened and selected from the submitted applications and recommendations. There are also possibilities that the candidates will be interviewed in their own countries.